Z Nation Unveils Gloriously Disgusting Zombie Carnage In This New Clip

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

It’s got to be frustrating for Syfy and Z Nation‘s producers that people can’t talk about the show without inevitably comparing it to that AMC show…you know the one. (And no, we don’t mean Mad Men, although there are some angry male characters in Z Nation.) The clip above is a good example of how tonally different this show is from The Walking Dead. In the latter show, revealing a splattered zombie in a vehicle’s wheel well would probably be presented with a grandiose air of heaviness and retrospect about what it might have taken for a zombie to get into that situation. In Z Nation, it’s more like, “Whoa, there’s a fucking zombie in this wheel well! Check it out!”

Z Nation, which is produced by the D-grade feature churner The Asylum, takes place three years after a zombie phenomenon has left the bulk of this country’s population dead. (Or undead, depending on how they died.) A military man named Hammond (Harold Perrineau) is transporting a man named Murphy (Keith Allan) from one side of the country to the other, because he alone may have the antidote inside of him that could make people immune to zombie bites. When communication goes down, they end up crossing paths with another group of survivors, led by Charles Garnett (Thomas Everett Scott). His squad includes badass Roberta (Kellita Smith), Mack (Michael Welch), Addy (Anastasia Baranova), and the methy Doc (Russell Hodgkinson).

But instead of being mopey about their circumstances, these guys are all pretty gung ho about earning their survival. Plus, unlike The Walking Dead, these characters have a specific mission to accomplish, which will keep them constantly on the move. So they might as well have some fun while they’re doing it, right? Here’s another clip that offers up a gross bit of humor.

To be honest, few things in this world can be more horrifically hysterical than the zombified baby teased in the next clip. I mean, it probably doesn’t even have any teeth yet, so how can it bite someone?

You can find Z Nation, which also stars DJ Qualls as a military-based computer hacker who starts his own radio show (or something), when the series hits Syfy on Friday, September 12. Since it’s a Friday night, feel free to make it a party environment, where you can serve dip out of an old tire that you’ve just removed from a truck.