Monsters Sequel Has A New Director

By Rudie Obias | Published

One of 2010’s indie darlings was Gareth Edwards’ first feature film, Monsters. A micro budget indie, it followed a young American pair traveling through a Mexican wasteland back to the United States after an alien invasion. The effects were astounding considering Edwards did them all on his consumer based laptop. The story and characters on the other hand left something to the imagination. But the film gained a cult following and support after its US premiere at SXSW in 2010.

The Playlist is reporting that a sequel has been in development since before the film’s release in the States and that follow-up now has a new director at the helm. The sequel, Monsters: The Dark Continent will be directed by Tom Green (not the Freddie Got Fingered guy). Green has directed many episodes of the UK’s cult series, Misfits, a show about a small group of juvenile delinquents with super powers. Gareth Edwards will return to Executive Produce the sequel but will not return to write or direct. Instead he will be at the helm of the new Godzilla reboot for Legendary Pictures. Screenwriter Jay Basu looks to pen the script for Monsters: The Dark Continent. Basu is currently developing a Merlin project for Working Title Films and has written the upcoming film, Fast Girls.

The original Monsters film was a revelation in 2010. This was a feature that had a very small budget, was effects heavy and didn’t hide those elements with a found footage premise. Creatively, it took the character based journey approach that did resonate with young audiences that praised its boldness. Even more impressively, a very young Gareth Edwards did everything on location to make this film happen. This is truly an artist’s singular vision of an alien invasion.