Monsters: Dark Continent Unleashes Gigantic Beasts In New Stills

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

monsters-dark-continentNot to be completely outdone by the overwhelming new trailer for Legendary’s Godzilla reboot, Protagonist Pictures has unveiled a couple of the gigantic baddies that will be terrorizing the country in Monsters: Dark Continent. It’s the sequel to 2011’s Monsters, the low-budget creature feature that earned director Gareth Edwards the job rebooting the King of all Monsters. Dark Continent director Tom Green has his work cut out for him.

Green and the producers are gearing up for a trip through the Cannes Film Festival to shop Monsters: Dark Continent around, so we can probably expect to see a little more promotional footage before the festival starts on May 14. Even if nothing else comes, though, I’m pretty pleased with what we can see in these images: namely, some giant freakin’ monsters. There’s no telling how these images are going to look in the film itself, but they’re strikingly effective as is.

Just look at that image up top, via Bloody Disgusting. I can’t even wrap my head around the way that monster looks, sort of akin to a cauliflower’s skeleton. It doesn’t look like that helicopter is too far in the distance, which means this beast might be next-level enormous, with arms/legs as thick as apartment buildings. I want to see shit get crushed in this movie, and this is the mofo that can get that job done.

The next two images are less extravagant, but are somehow even more unsettling. Because the pictures are taken from the interior of a car, I would say something like, “I can’t even tell if these are from the movie or if they were taken by someone passing by the set.” But I seriously doubt anyone could have taken a picture of a CGI monster that wasn’t created until later. Take a look at the both of them below.



It’s surreal to see that mega-serpentine beast just chilling around some trees as if this were Monsters Hang Out on Trees Day, and it’s slightly more disturbing to see something like that around power lines. If I ever called someone about my electricity being out, and the representative told me it was because a big snake monster knocked the lines down, I think I’d call bullshit, monitored for quality.

Monsters: Dark Continent takes place a decade after the events of the first film, with monster-tainted Infection Zones spreading out beyond the U.S./Mexican border, and now spread over the world. Two soldiers on tour in the Middle East attempt to battle the alien beasts, but soon realize that they may not be as alien as we thought. If they blame it on Bin Laden, they get a standing ovation.

We don’t know yet when Monsters: Dark Continent will be hitting theaters (or VOD outlets, more likely), All we have to go on is this dust-filled teaser from last year.

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