Monsters: Dark Continent Shows Off Its Massive Creatures Are In New Images

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

monsters: dark continentThough the state of the modern creature feature is doing pretty well, with beasties appearing in all kinds of different scenarios, fans still aren’t getting enough Giant Freakin’ Monster movies. Thankfully, Tom Green’s upcoming sequel Monsters: Dark Continent is going to rectify the hell out of that, with super-huge CGI creatures a-plenty to pleasure your peepers with. Seriously, those trailers have some Lovecraftian shit happening with its tentacled antagonists, and a new crop of artwork and images show off just how stunningly massive these monsters are going to be. It allows one to say things like, “Dude, this Goliath Monster is the size of like, ten horse monsters, no lie.”

The scale above shows off just how insanely large the Goliath monsters are, in comparison to the military’s battle options, such as fighter jets, Blackhawk helicopters, Humvees, and soldiers. And this beast is obviously the definition of unrealistic, as the Earth just wouldn’t allow things this big to do the wacky things they do, but I’m hardly watching this movie for its admirable adherence to physics. I’m watching it to see extreme action sequences that I can’t get anywhere else.

Since we know how the Biggest of the Big line up, let’s look at how they match up against each other with the scale below, where we find out that the oxymoronic Baby Goliath Monsters exist, and they’re still over 20 feet tall. The Horse Monsters are a little taller, and the 150-ft tall Octopus Monsters are the last step before the mondo Goliaths.

monsters: dark continentIf you’re looking at these images and thinking, “Evolution would never allow this,” there’s even a picture to tie into that and help viewers understand the process it takes for an Octopus Monster to grow its tentacle and neck out. Is it like puberty?

monsters: dark continentI can’t wait to see how screenwriter Jay Basu sets up the presumed uselessness of the military trying to use standard guns on these creatures. The weapons get their own image, though, and while rotary 12-gauge shotguns are probably amazing when fighting zombies in video games, I can’t see that its bullets could even knock the dust off of a Goliath Monster’s toenail. Assuming it has toes.

monsters: dark continentOddly enough, we’re now privy to the military’s tactics in trying to stop these country-stomping mammoths. Check out the image below, which makes it look like there’s a halfback option is in the cards at some point.

monsters: dark continentMonsters: Dark Continent follows two soldiers who head into an infected area, and the problems they encounter therein. If you haven’t checked out the action-packed trailer yet, do so here and join us in waiting patiently for a domestic release date.