Mom Win: Posing With Lightsabers And Sonic Screwdrivers To Help Her Son Practice Photography

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Lightsaber1If you live in the States, there’s a good chance you’ve spent a lot of time with your family over the past couple of days. In some cases you’ll have spent so much time with your family that you’re now considering how much of a guilt trip your mom would hit you with if you found an excuse to skip Christmas. But even when they drive you nuts, family is still family. Family is there for you. Family loves you when the rest of the world is dumping on you. And, every once in a while, family makes funny poses with geeky props so you can practice your portrait photography.


Benjamin Grelle — aka “The Frogman” (his nickname, not ours) — decided to take up portrait photography. As you might imagine, taking portrait pictures requires something portrait-worthy, so Grelle got the idea to ask his mom to pose for some. But while Mrs. Grelle looks like lovely, sweet lady, her son decided this project needed to be kicked up a notch, and the best thing to kick with was a stack of iconic props any sci-fi geek worth their salt would recognize instantly. Or else they’re not welcome at my table.


And thus we get this lovely set of pictures featuring Mrs. Grelle showing off her son’s collection of lightsabers and Klingon bat’leths and sonic screwdrivers and the imposing gun from RoboCop. Furthermore, we award her 1 million Mom Points for not just posing, but for really selling it. I would totally give up if I looked up and saw this:


What do you think the odds are that Ben made her watch the Doctor Who anniversary special last weekend?


I’m also pretty sure she’s told Ben to stop running through the house with this thing on at least one occasion. That’s how you put out an eye (or four).


So here’s to you, Mrs. Grelle. Among all the other blessings I’m counting this year, I’m allocating a little slice of thankfulness for you making me laugh with these pictures. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.