MIT Menaced By A Rogue Dalek

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology houses some of the brightest young minds of our age. It’s a resource for the future, a melting pot of ideas that will shape our world in the decades to come. Unfortunately, all that potential may be squandered, because Kuriositas reports that a Dalek was recently spotted on the MIT campus, and unless The Doctor shows up soon, the entire area is no doubt soon the be reduced to a smoldering crater.

That’s a picture of the Dalek, who mysteriously appeared atop MIT’s unmistakable Ray and Maria Stata Center. The building was designed by architect Frank Gehry, and the alien invader seems to fit right in with the design. Maybe the Daleks have been controlling Gehry all along!

Of course, there are some who would claim that this is all just a student prank, but what do they know. We need The Doctor!


Pictures by Chris Devers.