Misfits Will Return For Season 4 On Hulu

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

If you’re not watching the British sci-fi TV series Misfits, then you’re really missing out on something special. Here’s your chance to catch up. Misfits season four will premiere this fall exclusively on Hulu and Hulu Plus. New episodes will be available to watch on Hulu shortly after they air on the UK’s Channel 4 Network.

The BAFTA Award Winning TV series created by British producer Howard Overman (Merlin) will return for a fourth season without three of its key cast members. Actors Iwan Rheon was cast for season three of Game Of Thrones; Lauren Socha was sentenced to four months in prison after assaulting a taxi driver; and Antonia Thomas will star in the upcoming British comedy Eight Minutes Idle. Robert Sheehan, who played fan-favorite Nathan Young, left the cast after season two to pursue a film career in the UK.

Joining the cast for season four will be actors Karla Crome and Nathan McMullen, who will make up for the loss of the departed cast members.

Misfits follows a group of juvenile delinquents. While doing community service the group developed superhuman abilities during a freak electrical storm when they were struck by lightning. The series goes deeper since the group is made up of socially disturbed youth; episodes tend to deal with their troubled lives rather than their superpowers.

I predict that Misfits quickly became one of the most popular series on Hulu when they add the British TV series to their online roster in 2011. All previous episodes of Misfits are already available on Hulu Plus.

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