Michonne & Glenn Are Ready For Battle In New Walking Dead Clip

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago


Now that The Walking Dead is back in full force, it seems as if the characters we once knew are going through a massive shift; Daryl is more empathetic, Rick is going crazier, and Glenn is becoming more badass. The clip below, from next week’s episode, “Home,” illustrates Glenn’s anger with The Governor, and what he’s willing to do to keep Maggie and the group safe.

Over the course of the series, Glenn has gone from bait for zombies to love interest to a badass zombie killer. In the clip, we see him going out of his way to kill The Governor at any cost. Glenn is starting to go to a different extreme if Michonne seems to be the voice of reason by comparison. Will Michonne and Glenn team up to go back to Woodbury to kill The Governor?

One thing is for sure: Rick’s group of survivors won’t be staying in the prison for long if the front of the building isn’t secure from zombies. It appears The Governor and his Woodbury group could breach one side of the prison, while zombies invade from the other. Needless to say, The Walking Dead is building towards an explosive climax.

When The Walking Dead returned to AMC last Sunday, it surpassed expectations and broke its own record for ratings for a cable TV series, bringing in 12.3 million viewers.

The Walking Dead episode 10, “Home,” will air on Sunday, February 17th, on AMC.

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