Could Michael Moore, Woody Allen, Or Kevin Smith Direct The New Star Wars Movie?

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

With the excitement surrounding the first Star Wars movie in 10 years — since the release of The Revenge of the Sith in 2005 — opening in 2015, rumors and speculation about who should direct the new trilogy have consumed the Internet over the last few days. On Conan, the talk show host released “official” director audition tapes for the new Star Wars movie. Could Michael Moore, Woody Allen, or Kevin Smith be named the new director of the upcoming Star Wars trilogy? First up, Michael Moore.

Probably the funniest audition tape out of the bunch: imagine if Star Wars was a socially conscious documentary featuring Michael Moore. Darth Vader would be a source of employment, with the big construction job of building the Death Star, as pointed out a while back in a movie by the next applicant, one Kevin Smith…

If only Kevin Smith continued to make movies just as good as his first movie, Clerks. If Smith had his chance at the new Star Wars trilogy, fanboys (and fangirls) across the Internet would probably call for George Lucas to come out of retirement.

Woody Allen’s take on Star Wars is just as compelling as Michael Moore’s. Appropriately enough, Allen’s seminal film Annie Hall was released the same year as the original Star Wars in 1977. Both films were also actually nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture for 1977, but Allen’s Annie Hall ultimately won out as both films changed the landscape of American moviegoing.

Whoever Disney hires to direct the new Star Wars movie, they will be the most examined and talked-about director in recent memory. Taking on the giant Star Wars Saga after George Lucas has stepped down will take courage, vision, and integrity. Hopefully, Disney will get it right.

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