Michael Bay May Actually Direct New Transformers Movie

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

Back in October, the word came down that the world would be getting a not one but two additional Transformers films.  It was pretty certain that Shia LaBeouf would not be returning for the films, but there was still a lot of speculation as to exactly what role Michael Bay would play.  There’s still no official announcement, but Vulture reports that “insiders” say Michael Bay is in talks to direct the new Transformers movie. According to another inside source, the deal is definitely not finalized but is “not far” from it, so we might hear an official announcement as soon as next week.

Most of the speculation over whether or not Bay will return to direct the big, intergalactic robots and an as yet undetermined male lead has centered on Pain and Gain, Bay’s pet project about “a [real life] group of dimwitted Miami bodybuilders who kidnapped, tortured, and robbed a Florida businessman but got their comeuppance when their left-for-dead victim hired a private eye to hunt them down.”  Bay’s been trying to get the project going practically since the turn of the century and it looks like staying on with the Transformers franchise is the leverage Bay is using to get Paramount to commit to Pain and Gain. If negotiations are successful, Bay would probably shoot Pain and Gain in early spring and switch to Transformers next winter.

The low-tech nature of Pain and Gain is likely the reason that Bay would be able to transition so quickly to production on the next Transformers film. There wouldn’t be nearly as much post-production on Pain and Gain as on the larger films Bay’s been making and, apparently, it’s not an uncommon practice for filmmakers to do start working on art direction and effects tests for an upcoming film while still shooting another.  As the Vulture’s insider says, “Spielberg does this all the time.”  And if it’s good enough for Spielberg…

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