New Men In Black III Trailer Reveals An Alien Invasion Plot

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

We thought the entire plot of the upcoming Men in Black III revolved around time travel, but apparently the whole time travel thing is just part of some vast alien invasion plot. At least that’s the way it seems in the movie’s latest, hilariously fun trailer.

Take a look at the new MIB3 trailer right here…

I love the idea that Andy Warhol is secretly an MIB agent. It makes sense. If aliens existed that dude would have been a total E.T. magnet. Suck them in and then slap on the cuffs.

I’m a little less certain about the alien invasion plot. It’s a Men in Black trailer so alien invasion is to be expected but those attacking alien ships look disappointingly generic. Aren’t those just the ships from Transformers: Dark of the Moon with tentacles added on?

Alien ships from Men in Black 3.
Alien ships in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Or maybe as suggested by GFR commenters, they look like Phantoms, from the mega-popular XBox game series Halo

Rear view of a Phantom from Halo.
Front view of a Phantom from Halo.

So the ships are a little generic. But maybe that doesn’t matter. Nobody goes to the MIB looking for science fiction innovation. As long as its as fun as this trailer, we’re all in.