Science Fiction’s Most Memorable Moments Of 2013 – Joelle & David’s Picks

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

The Europa Report: The money shot
Given that The Europa Report is one of my favorite science fiction movies of the year, and definitely one of the best surprises, there was no question it would wind up on this list. But it also didn’t require any introspection or soul-searching when it came to singling out one amazing moment to highlight.

See, Europa Report does an excellent job telling a white-knuckle, claustrophic story about a manned mission to Jupiter’s moon, and the calamities that occur during that voyage. But throughout its second half, it’s leading toward one moment, one decision the filmmakers have to make. They’ve teased us and toyed with us, but as it all reaches its climax, what will they leave us with? The reveal is one of the few times during a movie where I remember actually gasping out loud. And it’s hands down my most memorable science fiction moment from 2013. – David


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