We Meet Again, Star Wars Parody Presents A Jedi Hero With A Terrible Memory

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

When it comes to Star Wars parodies, we’re almost scholars here at Giant Freakin’ Robot, having watched countless numbers of them while trying to only bring you the best videos the Internet has to offer. And while I admittedly didn’t have a lot of faith going into “We Meet Again,” the above parody as released by the Above Average Network on YouTube, there was a Force within me pulling my mouth upwards into a goofy grin for the entire clip. Cases of forgetfulness and mistaken identity are integral to comedy, and these guys kick the concept up to 11, all while making a Jedi look like a total putz. I mean, not that making Jedi look like putzes is cool or anything… Who said I was part of the Alliance? I’m totally not. Is it getting hot in here, or is it just this Alliance sweater I’m wearing.

“We Meet Again” was actually written and performed by the Internet sketch group Chess Club Comedy out of New York City. (Check out their Facebook page and their YouTube page for more greatness.) This video was created for Geek Week, and it doesn’t get much geekier than holding a lightsaber while consistently misidentifying your enemy who happens to look like a weasley Darth Maul. Also, his name is Jonas, which isn’t inherently a silly name for a Jedi Knight, but the more it’s said, especially in a menacing way, the more absurd it sounds.

“You don’t remember me? We just had a huge fight in the treetops on the seventh moon of Argon. We were underneath the gravitational shield. I wore those red shoes. This was two days ago.” It sounds less like a battle to the death and more like a missed connection on Craigslist. But you can’t blame Jonah for not remember his nemesis’ name (and it’s definitely not Brad, Laurie’s friend from work), because he’s in a ton of prophecies. It’s hard out there for a Rebel.

But we need to stop living in the “long time ago” and jump into the future, as another one of the Above Average videos envisions a world in which everything we interact with is capable of being used as a touchscreen device. It starts of amusing and then becomes increasingly ridiculous and mildly depressing. The future is made of sad stuff. Pull up a 3D-printed hamburger (which also has a touchscreen) and watch the video below.

And now, if you’re interested in seeing some more of what Chess Club Comedy has to offer, here’s a similarly bizarre escalation of a joke about scars called “Scars.” Bunk beds!

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