Mechwarrior Created From Old Cars Inspires A Different Type Of Vehicular Manslaughter

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

mechWhen I was a kid, my sister’s Toyota Corolla sat in my parents’ yard for years before somebody got it running again and took it away. A few years ago, I let my old Honda Accord sit outside my house for about a year and a half before getting a junk yard to tow it away. Obviously, my family and I should have taken a page from the book of Chinese mech sculptor, artist, and DeviantArt user ProgV, who created a hulking mass of destruction out of an old vehicle. Garden gnomes and pink flamingos would be wise to stay the fuck out of this guy’s yard.

ProgV disassembled an old Nissan truck that his dad doesn’t use anymore, filling in the rest of the doomsday machine with over one ton of additional mechanical parts that he acquired from a junkyard. He says it took him almost a month to put it all together, but this looks like about a year’s worth of work. I mean, sure one of the Transformers bots could just do some light exercise and turn into this in no time, but it takes quite a bit more work for a human to make this happen.

This death machine stands around 12 feet tall, and he calls it the Mobile Armored Tactical Platform (MA-TP) anti-personnel defense system. Beyond looking like the least ticklish being on the planet, the MA-TP appears ready to take down any threat that comes before it. Even rust. Take a look at a few more pictures of this magnificent creation below.






I’d love to see this thing defend itself against a German-made TIE fighter, just to see if Nissan is capable of withstanding that kind of attack. Perhaps a cardboard Optimus Prime would be the better battle.

If you need more proof that ProgV needs to be working in mainstream sci-fi, check out a few of his excellent paintings below, especially this first one, titled “Castle NASA.”

castle nasa

temple art


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