The Maze Runner Hypes The Trailer With A Teaser And Massive Poster

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

Imagine you wake up in a dark elevator, with no idea how you got there, and then get dumped smack in the middle of a place you can’t escape, full of other people in the exact same boat. That’s precisely what happens to Thomas (Dylan O’Brien), the star of Wes Ball’s upcoming adaptation of the young adult adventure The Maze Runner. MTV is set to debut the first full trailer later tonight during Teen Wolf, but for the moment we have this quick teaser that offers a few seconds of footage, and a poster that gives you an idea exactly what the characters have to deal with.

Like I said, Thomas wakes up in an elevator, which leaves him in the Glade, where he, and a bunch of other teenage boys are help captive by someone or something. Surrounded by high walls, they’re stuck. But every morning the walls open up to reveal an ever-changing maze, and every day a team of, you guessed it, “maze runners” explore and search for a way out. Thomas is just the latest addition to the crew, but he’s not the last. The day after he arrives another newbie shows up on the doorstep. Two recruits have never appeared in such quick succession, and that’s not the only shocker, this one is a girl, also something that has never happened.

Based on the best selling novel by James Dashner, The Maze Runner is one of two high-profile adaptations coming out this year that are obviously trying to horn in on the Hunger Games’ action. The other, Divergent, drops later this week.

The Maze RunnerMTV also has the first official poster from the film, which, as you can see, gives you a definite sense of scale. When I say they are surrounded by big ass walls, I mean these are some seriously big ass walls. We’ve already seen images that show us how tall the walls are, but from the angle in this picture we get a better idea of just how far the maze actually extends, and how intricate the puzzle that they’re trying to solve really is. And if the sheer size of the thing isn’t daunting enough, you want to make sure that you don’t stuck out there after dark when the walls close. That’s when the Grievers come out. They’re the nasty, part monster, part machine guardian creature things that patrol the maze after dark.

After a lengthy delay, The Maze Runner opens everywhere on September 19. And there’s already a sequel in the works. Keep an eye out for the full trailer.

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