Matthew Fox Believes World War Z Will Rise Again

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

It’s strangely appropriate that there are so many horror stories (no pun intended) coming out of the production of World War Z. The troubled zombie film has seen its fair share of hardships, but Paramount Pictures is confident the film will be out in theaters next June 2013 (the release date was pushed back from December 2012). Actor Matthew Fox also believes in the film’s potential success and feels the media stories that surround World War Z are largely unfounded.

In an interview with, Fox speaks candidly about the zombie-apocalypse flick based on the best-selling novel by Max Brooks. He thinks World War Z will surprise audiences and also says that the film will be the first in a trilogy:

[The stories] can have no basis in fact at all and suddenly it become[s] like a notion out there that World War Z is having problems. Everybody who I’ve spoken to that’s seen the film — it rocks, dude; it’s going to kick ass. And the only issue that I’m hearing with the film is that they want to work on the third act; the end of the film.

That’s an optimistic viewpoint, since the news coming out of World War Z has been disastrous. Since May, the film’s production has gone back in for re-shoots for seven additional weeks, screenwriters Damon Lindelof and Drew Goddard have been brought in to do revisions on the film’s final act, and the film’s star and producer Brad Pitt is reportedly no longer on speaking terms with director Marc Forster. Paramount studio executives were brought on location in Budapest to intermediate between the two. Despite these news stories, Fox justifies the production’s shakiness to the film being turned into a trilogy:

Obviously it’s supposed to be a trilogy, so they’re, you know I think they’re fine tuning an ending that feels like this movie wraps. In the original script I always felt it was the perfect combination of a complete film on its own and yet at the same time left you going like, ‘Oh my god, we need another installment.’ And so I think they’re just really fine tuning that, and it might require some additional shooting to get it the way they want it. And I hear that Mr. Lindelof has been brought in to help with that.

Max Brook’s World War Z was once thought to be unfilmable, so it will be interesting to see how — or if — Forster and Pitt pull off adapting it to the big screen. At this point, it feels like there’s more drama behind the scenes of the production than there will be onscreen.

World War Z opens in theaters on June 20, 2013.

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