Matt Smith Promises To Protect Six-Year-Old Doctor Who Fan From The Weeping Angels

By David Wharton | Published

There are a lot of things about Comic-Con that are less than fun. There’s the smell of a couple hundred thousand people milling about in close proximity in triple-digit heat. There’s the constant, claustrophobic press of humanity from all sides. There are poorly planned panels, assholish security guards, and the ever-present threat of coming down with that year’s strain of the dreaded Nerd Flu. But sometimes…just sometimes…Comic-Con will produce a moment that shines through the crass commercialism of it all and becomes something truly magical. There was one such moment a few years ago when Green Lantern actor Ryan Reynolds was asked by a young fan to recite the Green Lantern oath…and he delivered it perfectly, and you could see that that little boy absolutely, one-hundred-percent believed that he was Green Lantern.

This year’s Con produced another such moment. Click play and see what happens when a six-year-old girl admits to Doctor Who actor Matt Smith that she’s afraid of the Weeping Angels…and he vows to fight them off to keep her safe. Congratulations, Mr. Smith…you just won the internet.