Why Is Matt Damon Bald In Neill Blompkamp’s Elysium?

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

One of the most anticipated movies of 2013 is Elysium, Neill Blompkamp’s follow-up to his 2009 Academy Award nominated film, District 9. Elysium will take the social and political ideas from District 9 and expand them into the distant future where the Earth is decaying and poor and the only safe refuge is a wealthy space station orbiting the Earth called Elysium. A few weeks ago, Sony released a first look at the film featuring a bald Matt Damon wearing biomechanical armor.

Matt Damon in Elysium.

In an interview with io9, Matt Damon talks about why he is bald in the movie and why his character, Max, has to get to Elysium to survive.  Max is dying. It sounds like Max has cancer and after going through radiation therapy on Earth; he must go to Elysium to be cured. In his weakened condition, he wears a biomechanical apparatus to sustain his strength and help him along his journey.

Damon states…

It basically just makes him a lot stronger, it’s like an exoskeleton. Because he’s very weak, he’s been irradiated so he’s very weak. They put him in this exoskeleton but it fuses with his nervous system operates like an extra strong skeleton… you basically control it the same way you control your hands.

Producer Simon Kinberg expands the ideas Blompkamp is trying to tackle in Elysium. The film will touch upon universal health care, illegal immigration and the class-divide between the very wealthy and the very poor.Kinberg elaborates…

In the plot of the film, submerged hopefully, is political commentary [and] social commentary. But it’s baked into the concept of the film. There’s no people sitting around talking about politics, in the way that [in] District 9, people weren’t ever talking about race, but it’s cooked into the concept of the film. In the film it’s about class, immigration, and health care.

Sharlto Copley makes his way back to a Neill Blompkamp film but he will be the film’s antagonist, Krueger. He plays a sort of bounty hunter chasing after Matt Damon’s Max. Motivated by his elitism as a person born on Elysium, as Krueger sees it, privilege is his birthright. Copley says of his character…

He’s a person who has the right to be living in Elysium, because he is one of them. But he’s a special forces soldier, sort of a black ops guy who has to spend most of his time living on Earth. [And] Earth is a very unpleasant place for somebody who should be living in Elysium to live in. He gets to deal with the real issues, the real problems.

Everything they’re saying about Elysium sounds fantastic and based on the quality of District 9, the anticipation will keep building until the film is released on March 1st 2013.

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