Massive Gallery Of Prometheus Concept Art

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

This summer, Ridley Scott’s much-hyped return to his science fiction stomping grounds, Prometheus, was met with wildly mixed reviews. Some loved it, others were disappointed, but no matter your take on the film itself, one thing is certain: the finished product looks great. Set design, costumes, creatures, everything wound up pretty damn incredible.

A newly released collection of images displays a wide array of the film’s concept art by artist David Levy. In addition to his work on Prometheus, Levy’s credits include Tron: Legacy and The Thing, as well as the upcoming adaptation of Osron Scott Card’s novel, Ender’s Game.

This gallery contains pictures of variations of the rover and other vehicles, the suits the characters wear on the surface of the distant planet, the medpod, and the alien fetus the medpod helps rip out of Noomi Rapace’s stomach. There are multiple looks and approaches to most of these elements, and it is easy to see which pieces the production included in the final film, and which they passed over.

For my money, however, the best parts of this collection are the pictures of the planet and settings rather than random elements taken out of context. There are wide, sweeping panoramas, sharply detailed interiors of the caves and mysterious spacecrafts, and even a step-by-step breakdown of the Engineer dissolving and seeding a planet. My personal favorite has to be the picture of the three massive, humanoid heads carved out of solid stone. That’s such an ominous, iconic image, especially when put into perspective by the diminutive explorers peering up at the faces.