Mass Reject Twitter Feed Suggests Mass Effect Storylines That Didn’t Make The Cut

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

The Mass Effect game series was a stunning bit of interactive narrative. Over the course of three games, players created their own version of the hero, Commander Shepard — male or female, handsome or ugly, black, white or anything in between — and saw their choices in each game carry over into the next, creating a story that truly felt like yours. It’s like a multi-million-dollar series of “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, and the effort it took to track every possible variable and player choice quite frankly gives me a migraine just to think about. With games this complex, there are bound to be tons of storylines and concepts that were abandoned for one reason or another. It just so happens that somebody has created a Twitter feed dedicated solely to imagining what those rejected storylines might be. They also take the subject…somewhat less than seriously.

Poor Kaidan. There’s a lot more where that came from, believe me. You can read the rest and follow Mass Reject right here. If you like the concept of tongue-in-cheek fan fiction in 180 characters or less but aren’t a Mass Effect fan, you might want to give the Star Trek TNG Season 8 Twitter feed a shot.