This Mass Effect Proposal Is My Favorite Romantic Gesture On The Citadel

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Everybody wants their proposal to be special. We’ve been brought up with visions of magical, impossibly perfect romantic moments where the guy pops the question and the girl tearfully says yes, usually while a top 40 pop hit plays in the background. What’s a regular guy without a Hollywood production budget to do?

Thankfully when it comes to romance, it isn’t always about the grand gesture so much as the meaningful gesture, and that’s a lesson obviously taken to heart by the boyfriend — make that fiance — of blogger Lyssa. See, she’s a huge fan of BioWare’s Mass Effect games, a fact that her guy used to good advantage when it was time to ask for her hand/omni-tool in marriage After a trip to the Philippines with her mother, she was posing for some welcome-home pictures with her beau, Elliot, when all of a sudden another friend sidled up, said, “Commander, you have a new message at your private terminal,” and handed her this.


Fans of the games will recognize the N7 as the highest designation within the Systems Alliance military, a code Commander Shepard sports on his/her armor throughout the trilogy. And sure, the sharpied-up envelope may not look like much, but it’s what’s inside that counts.


Yep, that’s a proposal in the form of one of Mass Effect’s patented conversation trees. As a die-hard Mass Effect-er myself, it makes me want to track down this Elliot guy just so I can give him a high five.

Thankfully Lyssa loved it just as much as he’d hoped and she said yes. Although it does make me wonder what sort of questions she would have asked if she’d chosen the “Investigate” option….

Congrats to the happy couple! May your years together be plentiful and Reaper free.

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