New Mass Effect 3 Videos Give Female Commander Shepard Her Own Trailer

By David Wharton | Published

The final installment of Bioware’s acclaimed Mass Effect trilogy is less than a month away. Fans will finally get to see the culmination of three games’ worth of choices as Commander Shepard faces down the Reaper invasion he’s been trying to prevent all along. Bioware has released a new batch of videos to feed the hype for the upcoming release, and one particular segment of fandom should be ecstatic. While the default male version of Commander Shepard has dominated the marketing for all three games, the female version — FemShep to her fans — has earned her own dedicated following, thanks in part to the excellent voice work by Jennifer Hale. Now, at long last, FemShep gets her very own badass trailer.

In addition to the FemShep trailer, Bioware also released three other videos, each focusing on a different element of the game. “Build a Customisable Arsenal” showcases the sequels expanded weapons modification options, a tip of the hat to the fans who weren’t happy with Mass Effect 2‘s scaled-back inventory system. “Interactive Storytelling” focuses on how the nexus of player choices are allowed to create a truly unique game for each player. “Ruthless and Intelligent Enemies” looks at some of the new baddies we’ll face off against. Even more interestingly, it appears to open up with our very first in-game look at Kai-Leng, the dangerous Cerberus assassin who was introduced in the Mass Effectnovels. Check out the vids.

Mass Effect 3 arrives on March 6th for XBox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.