Mass Effect 3 Trailers Challenge You To Take Back Earth

By David Wharton | Published

With Mass Effect 3 a week away from release, the marketing machine has ramped up to overdrive over the past few weeks. Regular viewers of The Walking Dead — at least those paying attention to the commercial breaks — have seen the debut of not one, but two incredibly snazzy trailers for the much-anticipated Bioware sequel. If you haven’t checked out the rather awesome “Take Earth Back” and “Fight” trailers, we’ve collected them both right here for your enjoyment (no Collectors were involved in the collection).

First up, the “Take Earth Back” CGI trailer. The Mass Effect games, and Bioware games in general, have a history of amazing trailers, and this one is no exception. Check it out below, and see just how high the stakes are for Commander Shepard in this final battle.

Next up, the trailer dubbed simply “Fight.” Following in the footsteps of the HALO franchise, EA and Bioware have decided to give us a live-action look at what the Mass Effect universe might look like, and the end result is damned impressive. It makes me cross my fingers even harder than they actually get the Mass Effect movie right.

Mass Effect 3 releases next week. March 6th, on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. If you need me, I’ll be replaying Mass Effect 2 so I have a fresh Shepard to take into the fight.