What Happens When You Mashup New Battlestar Galactica With The Original’s Theme Song?

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Much as I enjoyed the original Battlestar Galactica when I was still running around in footie pajamas, Glen Larson’s TV space opera hasn’t aged terribly well. One of the things it did have going for it, however, was a great core premise just waiting for a budget and Ron Moore. But as much as I loved the BSG reboot series, it failed to make use of one of the original show’s best parts: that freakin’ theme song. The original Battlestar Galactica‘s theme song was the best part of the show, and to this day is one of the best bits of SF music ever, TV, film, or otherwise. Sure, Moore’s series dropped in that iconic theme now and then, but it just wasn’t the same without it playing over the opening credits.

What’s that on the horizon? Why, it’s YouTube, riding to the rescue! Check this out, and then start a letter-writing campaign to have them replace the opening credits on all the Blu-rays and DVDs. Now let’s get on with it, because you know you’re already humming it in your head.

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