Take On Mars Game Lets You Explore The Red Planet With Your Own Rover

By Rudie Obias | 7 years ago

Have you ever wanted to control NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover from the comfort of your own living room? Well, now Bohemia Interactive is making it possible to explore the terrain of the Martian surface in the new Windows PC video game Take on Mars.

The object of the game is to build your own rovers and landers, then set off to explore the Red Planet. The exploration simulator allows players to accept missions; analyze rocks, soil, and atmosphere; and assess whether or not radiation hazards are suitable for future human colonization. Players also have the ability to study the chemical makeup of the Red Planet to see if it is satisfactory to develop and harbor life.

According to Polygon, Bohemia Interactive tried to make Take on Mars as realistic as possible, so players can actually learn more about Earth’s closest neighbor. The game’s developers used real data captured from actual Mars rovers including Curiosity, Spirit, and Opportunity. Take on Mars incorporates actual Mars characteristics such as its various temperatures, air pressure, day/night cycles, and so on.

The position of Mars is captured in real-time of playing the game. There are also real-life pitfalls and hiccups added to the game. If your rover breaks a wheel or gets stuck in a cluster of rocks, your mission is over…just like it would be in real-life NASA missions.

Take on Mars is also highly moddable, so you can create your own missions, rovers, and landers. Bohemia Interactive is making it really easy to make Take on Mars a never-ending campaign for anyone who wishes to explore further than the game’s out-of-the-box limitations.

Take on Mars will be released this July, and Bohemia Interactive will also have free downloads to expand the game to explore the moons of Mars too.

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