Maron In Space Spoofs Star Trek And Promotes Maron’s New Show All At Once

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

There is quite a bit of foul language spewed throughout all of the following NSFW videos. You’ve been fucking warned.

We don’t really see a lot of comedians around on Giant Freakin’ Robot, but we certainly do love spoofs, and especially when they’re Star Trek spoofs. Even though this is almost too ridiculous to even call it a spoof, there’s no denying the inherent hilarity in Maron in Space.

A brief game of catch-up is needed. Comedian/superstar podcast psychotherapist Marc Maron — of the podcast WTF — is getting a new series on IFC, simply titled Maron for now. In order to promote the show, Maron and IFC came up with this five-episode web series that envisions the wry comic performing his schtick as the captain of a starship, the U.S.S. Maroner, which is, in all reality, a giant microphone flying through space. And it isn’t even Maron playing himself. It’s another comedian and excellent impersonator, James Adomian. This all makes the perfect amount of sense as a form of advertising, correct? Well, it works, anyway. Give episode two a watch while you think about it.

Marc Maron wouldn’t have a captain’s chair, so he sits on a stool behind a microphone, in the middle of a cheap-looking set, dealing with the minutiae of everything going on in and outside his ship. Just don’t mess with his cat. Almost everything Adomian says as he tries to read into the beings he communicates with is quotable. The next one has my favorite line, which sums up Maron’s existence in a nutshell.

“Am I all here? Fuck. I never know.” The videos are all less than three minutes long, so it’s hard to discuss anything without feeling as if it’s being spoiled. Wormholes, egg beings, alien sex. There. Oh, and expect a surprise cameo in the fifth one. Now check out the last two videos below, and don’t forget to watch Maron with it airs on Friday, May 3rd.