Marina Sirtis Talks About A Possible New Star Trek Franchise

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

Star Trek, the original series, wrapped up in 1969, and that show that only ran for three years continues to shape the face of popular culture. While there are movies currently in the works, there hasn’t been a television presence since Enterprise wrapped up in 2005. Though there are no concrete plans for a new series, according to Star Trek: The Next Generation star Marina Sirtis, there have been rumblings of a possible new franchise sometime in the future. And in the unlikely event that TNG should ever be rebooted, she as a definite opinion on who should play her Counselor Deanna Troi character.

Over the weekend, a local radio station interviewer caught up with Sirtis at the Dallas Comic Convention, and asked her if she knew anything about potential new small screen Trek adventures. Here’s the interview…

In the above video she says actors are always the last to know, but that doesn’t seem like the whole truth, since she seems to know way more than we do. That isn’t surprising considering that we don’t know very much at all.

Though Sirtis reveals she has heard rumors of a new Trek series, it doesn’t sound like something that might happen any time soon. She says, at least, that there won’t be anything until the current film franchise has run its course. After that Paramount could potentially turn their attention to a weekly, serialized program. With Star Trek 3 in the works, having just given longtime writer and producer and 9/11 truther Roberto Orci his first directing gig, the film franchise is alive and strong. Even if the studio plans to throw in the towel after a trilogy, which seems unlikely if the movies are still profitable, that takes us well into 2016.

Sirits doesn’t have any details on a possible new series, or at least wasn’t willing to share, though she is rather certain that it will involve a new generation of actors picking up the flag and running with it. It won’t involve “us,” she says, meaning her costars and most likely anyone who has appeared in the franchise before.

You can bet that this won’t be a reboot of Sirtis’ The Next Generation, but should that unlikely scenario come to pass, she knows who should take of the Deanna Troi role: Mila Kunis. While the Jupiter Ascending star may be a pipe dream, if that ideal casting scenario did come to pass, it would make sense, as Sirtis says, she’s small, dark, and has big eyes.

Heres Mila Kunis…

Mila Kunis…and here’s Deanna Troi.

Marina SirtisThe real question, however, is who should play Captain Jean-Luc Picard? The obvious choice seems to be James McAvoy, after all, he’s already played a young Patrick Stewart twice, once in X-Men: First Class, once in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart