Manborg Clip Visits The Arena

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

It’s difficult to watch this new clip from Steven Kotanski’s sci-fi schlock-fest Manborg and not think they made this movie just for me. Seriously, there’s a cyborg, Nazi-esque vampires things, and a ninja. It’s like they took everything awesome from 1980s cinema, threw it into a blender, and this is the result. It channels movies like Jean Claude Van Damme’s Cyborg and Peter Manoogian’s (Demonic Toys) 1986 Eliminators.

This snippet comes courtesy of the fine people of Badass Digest, and shows the titular Manborg (Matthew Kennedy) in an arena, presumably placed there by an evildoer. He finds himself about to engage in mortal fisticuffs with a weird, fleshy, skull-faced beast monster, as his team, with full-on rat tails and post-apocalyptic face paint, watch, unable to help.

True to form, Manborg is a deceased super-soldier brought back to life as a half-man/half-robot in order to battle the armies of Hell, which have emerged and taken over the world. Why wouldn’t he be? Under the control of the vile Count Draculon (Adam Brooks), the demonic forces will have to contend with Manborg and his band of misfit heroes who are, of course, the last line of defense. The film promises to deliver “kung-fu killing, stop-motion monster battles, hoverbikes, robots, demons, and a character named Doctor Scorpius.”

Manborg was a big hit at Fantastic Fest back in 2011, but it has remained unavailable until now. The film will drop on DVD next week, on April 30th, so if this clip really gets your juices flowing, you only have to wait a little bit before you can gawk at it for real. Check out the face-melting trailer for yourself.