Man With Flux Capacitor Tattoo Should Keep It Below 88 MPH

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

We’ve seen before what happens when die-hard fandom combines with a love of tattoos. The results can be, depending on your point of view, either really awesome or really unfortunate. The latest contender in the “How Much Will I Regret This When I’m Sixty?” competition is this fine gentleman sporting a tattoo of Back to the Future‘s flux capacitor across his chest.

The flux capacitor, as you may recall, is what makes time travel possible. While it’s a fine tattoo, as tattoos go, it does raise a great many unanswered questions. Did this guy get the idea for the tattoo after slipping and hitting his head? What happens if he travels faster than 88 miles per hour? Does he leave a flame trail everywhere he goes? And, perhaps most importantly…where does he insert the plutonium?


via FashionablyGeek

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