This Tardis Shed Is Bigger On The Outside

By Jenny Xu | 9 years ago

This guy must have a lot of stuff to store if he needs a Tardis to hold it all. Exactly how many sonic screwdrivers does one Time Lord need?

The builder crafted the Dalek ten years ago, but just recently painted his shed to match. You gotta admit, it’s a lovely Tardis despite it’s unusual proportions, and that incredibly realistic Dalek is sure to frighten off any potential intergalactic cat burglars, in addition to bringing tea and shooting down any Nazi fighter planes that try to cross the perimeters of the backyard fence.

Einstein19, the username of the master craftsman, is a member of Tardis Builders, an online community devoted to all things Tardis. There are more Tardises (Tardi? Tardiss? Matt Smith recently debated the question with a few fans at Nerd HQ , but “Tardis” as a plural just doesn’t feel quite right.) and consoles on their website than in The Doctor’s Wife.

From full scale replicas to a virtual Tardis, if you’re feeling handy, there is plenty of inspiration for a Doctor Who themed summer project here and a huge group of creative Who fans to give you advice.

In fact, while you’re in the whole home improvement mindset, why not turn your front door into a Tardis as well? Or propose to your own Idris with a Tardis ring. Unsure whether blue goes with your color scheme? Rent a Tardis portable latrine first (Matt Smith and cool fedora unincluded) and see how it looks on your lawn.