Mad Max: Fury Road Is Putting Women In Cages

The new Mad Max movie is finally happening!

By Josh Tyler | Published

In theory filmmaker George Miller is working on another installment in his Mad Max franchise. He’s been working on it in theory for nearly a decade with not much to show for it other than a commitment by Tom Hardy to take over the Max role once made famous by pre-crazy Mel Gibson and some vague involvement by Charlize Theron. Miller is working on that long-gestating sequel, called Fury Road yet again. This time it may even get done.

We know there’s some movement on it because he’s started casting hot girls to writhe around in post-apocalyptic future cages. In particular he’s hired model Abbey Lee Kershaw to make her acting debut in Mad Max: Fury Road according to the Daily Telegraph.

It’s not entirely clear whether she’ll have lines or whether she’ll just be window dressing, but do know she’ll be on screen. According to their source in this latest vision of a post-apocalyptic Australian future men have taken to locking up beautiful women in cages. I suppose it’s kind of like putting your valuables in a safe. Abbey Lee Kershaw will play one of these caged women and that makes sense since she looks like this…

She’s sexy and she looks malnourished. Perfect for a post-apocalyptic future where there’s not much to eat.