Lucy: Scarlett Johansson Kills Dudes With Flawed Science In This Red-Band Clip

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

French action auteur Luc Besson’s upcoming sci-fi actioner, Lucy, may be based on faulty science, but it certainly does look like it is going to kick a lot of ass. Actually, Lucy looks like it could kick a lot of ass, however, if it winds up totally sucking, we won’t be terribly surprise. It could go either way, but for now, we’re willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. This new clip definitely skews towards the more badass side, while another new video details why, exactly, the science of the movie is total bullshit.

The whole thing is like Neil Burger’s Limitless, but with way more gunplay. The premise of the movie is that Lucy, played by the lovely Scarlett Johansson, falls victim to one of those other urban legends. She wakes up in a hotel room and discovers that she has been sliced open by random gangsters and had drugs inserted into her body, thus becoming an unwilling drug mule. Along the way, however, the packet busts open, and, lucky for her, she’s not transporting heroin or cocaine. No, this particular drug opens your mind, so to speak. Following that logic so often cited by books, TV, and movies that we only use ten-percent of our brains, this drug allows her to tap into that supposedly unused 90%, which, according to the film, is mostly involved in beating the hell out of people. Who knew?

In this violence soaked clip, Lucy escapes captivity in a generic looking back room, kills a bunch of dudes, eats their takeout and drinks their water, pulls a bullet out of her own shoulder, and hails a cab, sort of. In reality, she shoots one cabbie just for not speaking English, and gives her business to a competitor. If the film stays more towards the action side of things, and doesn’t push the fake ass science too far, it could be pretty fun, but considering that one of the characters, played by Morgan Freeman, is supposed to be some sort of neuroscientist, that might be a pipe dream. He’s going to say lots of big words in that soothing voice of his and it’s going to make us sad.

While it is true that there are lots of things that we don’t know about the brain, as it turns out, the ten-percent-myth isn’t the only false belief we have about the contents of our skull. This new video breaks down this, as well as some of the more widely held falsehoods about the human brain. For instance, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better; alcohol doesn’t actually kill off brain cells; those drugs DARE warned you would poke holes in your brain actually won’t, even huffing gas, though it can alter your brain chemistry; you only have 86 billion brain cells, not 100 million, and that difference is the size of a whole baboon brain; while different sides of the brain do handle different tasks, you don’t really use one more one than the other; and you have way more than the five senses that you think you possess.

And, of course, that ten-percent thing is a total crock. As the video says, there is “no part of the brain that doesn’t do anything,” no matter what movies and TV tell us, and no matter how good ScarJo makes it look.

Originally scheduled for August, Lucy was recently rescheduled for a July 25 release.