I’m In Love With Halo But Not Enough To Hang Out On A Beach And Sing About It

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Ten years ago Halo blew everyone’s mind. Then the sequel blew our brain cells again. Since then the Halo franchise and its story of a galactic war which can only be won by a super-soldier named Master Chief has lost a little of its relevance, but it wouldn’t take much to resurrect that old fervor.

Halo 4 comes out in November of this year and maybe that means you’re getting nostalgic about all the great times you had with the game. These guys got so nostalgic they decided to sing about it…

The video is actually a parody of the even more ridiculous actual music video put together by a boy band called One Direction. Their song is called “What Makes You Beautiful” and I’m going to include it below for comparison purposes, but trust me you really do not want to watch it, not even to appreciate how spot on the Halo parody is.

Don’t watch this shit…

I’m going to assume you skipped right over that video. Well done. Let’s get back to thinking about the awesomeness of Halo. Here’s the live action trailer for the new game, the first one by the way, that isn’t being made by the franchise’s creators at Bungie.

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