Lost Coming To Amazon Prime Under New Streaming Deal

By Steve West | 10 years ago

Disney-ABC Television has signed with Netflix and Amazon Prime to bring streaming content to the masses. In a time when Netflix is reeling from the mass exodus due to rate hikes, as well as the soon to be lost boon that is STARZ Play content, they need to do something to staunch the flow of departing customers. The extension to their current deal is a highly prized property at this point. Seriously, I think the available programming on Netflix is going to drop by about 46% when that deal finally ends.

The new deal between Amazon and Disney means that anyone using Amazon Prime will soon have access to sci-fi favorite Lost. And if you care all of the other content like Grey’s Anatomy and Felicity will also be made available. Marvel properties will show up for Prime members since Disney owns them as well. This deal is a boon for Amazon, who is trying to position the Kindle Fire as a viable alternative to the iPad. Content is king, anad even if the Fire is a true competitor on the hardware front they need to provide apps and content that’ll keep people on the device. At this point I use my iPad nearly as much for Kindle reading as I do the actual Kindle.

On the Netflix front the extended deal with Disney-ABC Television includes placing Alias on the streaming service. Before it got lost in the Rimbaldi nonsense in later seasons Alias was great ass-kicking sci-fi spy action at its best. It remains one of the best things J.J. Abrams has ever done, and everyone can use more Marshall Flinkman in their lives.