Lost In 16-Bit Form Skewers The Good And Bad Of The Show

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Lost is something of a mixed bag. For every great, compelling plotline and story, there were some missteps, even according to the most hardcore fans. This new video from College Humor, one that portrays J.J. Abrams’ series as a spot-on 16-bit role playing game, toys with all of the big moments from the series, both highs and lows. It’s both a tribute as well as a lampoon.

The video is funny enough taken on its own, but beyond being good for a few laughs, it also skewers some of the less-than-great moments in the show. Like the video says, “It kind of falls apart on level 6.” True, and at the same time, hard not to laugh at.

The game touches on Jack’s leadership role, and how he tried to deny his destiny, but you know, it’s destiny, so you can’t rebuff it forever. Hands down my favorite moment, however, is when the polar bear “uses confusion,” because, as we all know, it certainly does play that card. You also have to give the creators of this credit for the “dodging bad plots” strategy in level three. It seems like every show, no matter how solid, has that one season that doesn’t quite stand up to the others.

Even though this is supposed to be an RPG, and many of the backgrounds are taken straight from games like Final Fantasy VI, this still gets extra points in my book for looking and sounding something like the arcade version of the original Double Dragon.