Don’t Lose Your Head Over This Virtual Reality Decapitation Program

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

VRWhen it comes to the fabricated world of virtual reality, we often picture being able to explore a vast, pixilated world — as in a first-person video game — or being able to study and examine things in a three-dimensional way that would be impossible with just our hands and eyes — such as what the CAVE2 is proposing. But a recent program put to use by the futuristic VR headset Oculus Rift will take you out of the world entirely, at least digitally.

Unicorn7, a creative team composed of Erkki Trummal (Estonian), André Berlemont (French), and Morten Brunbjerg (Danish), put together the program “Disunion – The Guillotine Simulator” for the Exile Game Jam. In case the name didn’t completely give it away for you, this “game” will put its users through a virtual beheading, complete with a somewhat historical backdrop which you’ll be able to get a peek at just before the blade drops.

Through the goggles, users face the basket that their detached cranium will soon fall into, but they can look around first. The below video shows friends putting each other through the beheading process, complete with karate chops to the back of the neck, just as the blade would come down. If these guys were anything like Steven Seagal, those neck chops would be even more dangerous than the blades. Check out the video below and make a list of your enemies most susceptible to motion sickness.

Let it be lost on no one that people who will use this set are probably living in countries where public beheadings have long since been outlawed, and that anyone who lives in an area where they still happen are probably far outside the Oculus Rift’s major demographic.

While developers have had their hands on the headset for a little while, the OR probably won’t be available for public purchase until sometime in 2014. If this angers you, maybe you could design a VR program to express your feelings.