Listen To 10 Minutes Of Michael Giacchino’s John Carter Score

By Steve West | 9 years ago

Music makes a good film great. It’s an undeniable fact, and when you listen to the best film composers you get that sense of wonder that comes with watching an imaginary tale come to life on a huge screen. Sometimes a score accents and completes a film, but on rare occasions it elevates the movie. Such is the case with greats like John Williams, Danny Elfman, and James Horner. But there’s a new breed of fantastic composers working, and if you want to hear something incredible and fresh (while still maintaining a bombastic feeling of classic adventureness) then listen to 10 minutes of Michael Giacchino’s score for John Carter.

Giacchino premiered the music on WQXR’s “Movies on the Radio,” having only finished the song the week before. It hasn’t been mastered and finished yet, but you can get a sense of the tone of the film from this brief snippet of music. Giacchino is the modern day composer of choice for me. His haunting use of melody in Lost hooked me from episode one. Since then he’s proven capable of translating that melodic beauty into some truly epic soundscapes for both film and television.

This particular piece of music is highly reminiscent of what you’d find in a space faring adventure from the olden days. If you told me this was long lost Star Wars music I might believe you. The music for John Carter starts at around the 43 minute mark in the audio above, but the whole interview is a fantastic listen for movie lovers.

Directed by Andrew Stanton and based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel, John Carter hits theaters on March 9, 2012.

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