There Are (More Than) Four Lights (On This Borg Wedding Cake)!

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

A wedding is, ideally, supposed to be not just a celebration of the couple committing to each other, but a celebration of who they each are. Sure, there are plenty of elements that are usually a given — the white dress, the walk down the aisle, the ceremonial kiss of the bride — but even if you and your significant other decide to embrace all the traditional tropes of wedlock, there’s no reason you can’t let your personalities shine in other ways. Like, for instance, commissioning a badass Borg wedding cake. The sucker even lights up!

The Borg Cube wedding cake was spotted in the wilds of Reddit, posted by Redditor pat_inthehat. pat’s aunt makes wedding cakes, and this one was commissioned, we imagine, but a couple with a pretty serious Star Trek habit. The cube itself would be impressive enough, but I love that she added the lights and the various ships flying around it. The Ferengi even got involved in the assault! (And it makes me shake my head in amusement that many of the Reddit commenters complained because the Ferengi never fought the Borg. Thank you kindly, fans, I knew I could count on you.)

My only complaint is that pat_inthehat didn’t say what the innards are like. I’m not sure what cake flavoring would best complement a Borg-themed cake. Maybe several pasty ingredients that are hard to tell apart? At any rate, I hope there were no dieters at the wedding, because resisting this cake would be futile.

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