Leonard Nimoy Squashes Star Trek Sequel Appearance Rumors

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

leonard nimoyNot long ago Leonard Nimoy announced his retirement from acting in particular and public appearances in general. That didn’t last long. He’s already un-retired.

The man who is the one and only true Spock will be back on Fringe tomorrow night for the show’s season finale and a few weeks ago he lent his voice to an episode of The Big Bang Theory. His recent re-interest in acting got people speculating that he might show up in the next Star Trek, and the flames of that fan interest were only fanned when we got confirmation that Leonard was hanging out on the Star Trek: The Next set. Sadly, it looks like he really was just hanging out.

JJ Abrams has made it clear in the past that none of the original Star Trek cast will be in any way involved in his next movie, and it looks like he’s sticking to it. In an interview with StarTrek.com Leonard re-confirms that he won’t appear in the next Trek. Here’s what he had to say about his visits to the new Enterprise bridge…

I visited the set one day and that started some speculation about whether I was doing the film. It’s all speculation. I talk to these people regularly. Zachary Quinto and I have dinner whenever we can. We just had dinner three or four weeks ago. I talk to J.J. about family. His parents and I go back a number of years as friends. I knew them long before I ever met J.J. So we talk regularly. I visited the set one day because I had never seen the bridge. When I was in the last film, none of my work was on the bridge of the Enterprise. So I wanted to see the bridge, and the bridge was extraordinary. It’s beautifully designed and put together. We talk. It’s great. I expect that it’s going to be a gigantic film.

It is, however, perhaps worth noting that he doesn’t actually say anywhere in that interview that he won’t be in the next Trek movie. He simply says that rumors of his involvement are “all speculation” and then goes on to discuss hanging out with JJ Abrams. Remember this is a JJ Abrams movie and history has shown that neither Abrams, or anyone involved with his projects, is ever going to be honest about what they’re actually doing. That’s just the way he works.

As for Nimoy, even though he’s suddenly working again he still considers himself retired. Ok technically by the dictionary definition of the term he’s not at all retired but he explains it this way, “Look, I liken myself to a steamship that’s been going full-blast and the captain pulls that handle back and then says, “Full stop,” but the ship doesn’t stop. It keeps moving from inertia. It keeps moving. It keeps moving. It’ll start slowing down, but it doesn’t stop. It doesn’t come to a dead stop. That’s the way I am. I still have a few odds and ends things that I enjoy doing. I don’t want to get up in the morning and have nothing to do that day. That would be boring.”

Nimoy hasn’t so much retired as started slowing down. I guess that’s a good thing, I don’t think anyone’s really ready for him to warp off into the sunset yet. Peace and long life Leonard.