Lena Headey & Ethan Hawke To Star In Sci-Fi Thriller Vigilandia

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

Many sci-fi fans are still sore about the cancellation of Fox’s criminally underwatched Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but things haven’t gone too badly for TSCC star Lena Heady since then. She scored a choice role in the lavish and wildly successfully television series Game of Thrones (which returns in April) and is starring alongside Karl Urban in the Judge Dredd remake that will open later this year. Now she’s landed the female lead in a new sci-fi thriller called Vigilandia.

Variety says Vigilandia is set to begin production in February, although the casting of Ethan Hawke was only broken by The Hollywood Reporter in the last few weeks. Vigilandia was written by James DeMonaco, who will also be directing the film. DeMonaco previously penned a werewolf flick (Skinwalkers), but Vigilandia will be his first foray into proper science fiction. It will also mark a reunion of sorts for Hawke and DeMonaco, as Hawke starred in DeMonaco’s feature film directorial debut Little New York in 2009. Vigilandia will be produced for Universal by Blumhouse Productions (Jason Blum’s production house), Platinum Dunes, and Why Not Productions.

All involved parties are keeping the plot well under wraps, so we don’t have much information about what Vigilandia is beyond the casting of its two leads. What we do know is that Universal and the other producing companies are planning on the film being very low-budget. Universal has said that Vigilandia will be made on a budget similar to that of Insidious, the 2010 horror film made for around $800,000. ‘Insidious’ made back a tidy return on that budget, so it stands to reason that Universal is hoping for the same with Vigilandia.