Lego Starships Bring Writer’s Sci-Fi Novel To Life

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

MarquisFor any writer whose stories occur outside the norms of modern life — especially science fiction writers — one of the biggest challenges is creating a world for your characters to inhabit, one that feels complex and interesting and real. Somethings that means assembling a timeline of your fictional future, or detailed maps of your planet/starship/etc. Peter Mowry, however, decided to bring his imagination into physical reality, courtesy of some damned impressive Lego versions of the ships from a novel he and his friends are working on.

The beast up top is the Marquis, which won Mowry the “Best Spacecraft” award at Brickworld Chicago in 2013. Weighing in at 50 pounds, the Marquis made from around 16,500 bricks and is 56 inches tall. That’s pretty big for a Lego construct, but the vessel itself within Mowry’s fictional universe is truly massive.

MarquisDisplay (2)

Here’s Mowry’s description of the ship:

The Hexans determined that large regions of the galactic cluster were rich in resources and devoid of life. The Home Council approved plans for the construction of an advanced colonization and resource-gathering fleet anchored by 120 superscale carriers built around a diamond design…

They were large enough to house medium capital ships and hundreds of support craft. Their holds could be configured to store workers and colonists, raw materials or finished goods…

Sightings of gargantuan, diamond-shaped ships are still reported, and in many instances, eyewitnesses describe them as outfitted with heavy armor and weapons batteries, supported by advanced warships and hundreds of fighters and strike craft.

Since that 2013 victory, Mowry has continued to build Lego versions of the ships from his fictional universe, including the Hexan Guardian Interceptor…


…a Hexan assault cruiser called the Reaper



…the Nautilus



…and the battleship Defiant. (The typos in the quote are from the original.)



The Hexans were a Highly Advanced Society. With the sole purpose to explore and expand. To seek out new Civilizations and form new peaceful relations in the galaxies. But one of [their] greatest qualities was one of [their] greatest downfalls. For this deadly mistake, the Hexan’s decided upon the creation of Battleships at [their] disposal. The Battleship Defiant was one of [their] first ever created. And with war around the corner more would follow.

Nicely done, Peter. You’ve officially got way more Lego patience than I ever will. You’ve got a knack for starship design too. You can check out tons more pictures on Mowry’s Flickr stream.