Lego Serenity Model Is 135 Pounds And Seven Feet Long

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

People build some crazy crap when left alone in a room with a bunch of Legos. Recreations of Escher paintings, scale models of jet engines, you name it. If it’s a three-dimensional object, somebody somewhere has probably already built it out of Legos (Lego’s five-dimensional blocks are still in the testing phase). But some Lego-maniacs are more committed than others, and a fellow named Adrian Drake has taken the old adage “go big or go home” to heart, spending 475 hours to create a seven-foot-long, 135-pound replica of Firefly‘s Serenity. Just look at that sucker.


The impressiveness isn’t just skin deep — hull deep? — either. He also built miniature versions of the ship’s various rooms. It even includes functional/moveable parts such as the light-up cargo bay and Inara’s detachable shuttle. At this point the damn thing may even be space-worthy. Using a set of Serenity blueprints as a starting point, Drake spent over 21 months and around 70,000 bricks to complete the project. Clearly this is a dude who finishes what he starts.

He’s a leaf on the wind.
Insert “I’d like to dock with Inara” joke here.

You can check out the full set of pictures over at Adrian’s Flickr page.

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