Learn The Funny Way To Build A Human From Peter Serafinowicz And Robert Popper

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

Due to one amazing instance of “comedic cussing,” the following retro video is NSFW for all of a half-second. But the dark sense of humor maybe makes it unsafe for impressionable children.

British comedy fans — and Adult Swim watchers, by extension — will no doubt recognize the dry, hilarious style of this informational video as the product of Peter Serafinowicz (the voice of Darth Maul) and Robert Popper, the creators of the atom-smashingly funny series Look Around You, which was styled after educational programs of the 1960s and 1970s. Science experiments were often done on the episode themes, such as water or germs, with surreal results. This short is the natural evolution of that parody concept: “Building a Human.”

This retrofitted newsreel, instructing aliens on how to recreate human beings while on Earth, is exactly the kind of comedy I could watch for days, with very few breaks in between. These guys have such a knack for nailing down every aesthetic they attempt to spoof, while filling it with such random and unexpected humor that can match one extreme to the next. It merges the beliefs of people living in the initial Space Age with the fringe-theory loonies of the modern era. These aliens think that humans are so stupid that we’d mistake mannequins for real people? That has nev…well, okay, yeah, that may have happened to me before.

But then we didn’t see anybody really come to life. So maybe we would all be fooled. Maybe this is actual archived evidence of alien life that Serafinowicz and Popper only want us to think was created by them, and this is actually proof that somebody..no, that all of you are aliens!

“Your tombstone will bear my name.”

It’s hard to believe the only other time Serafinowicz’s name has come up on this site was for his Dalek relaxation tape, but hey, at least it was a good one. Check out the full first episode of Look Around You below.