Dead Snow 2 Trailer Delivers Big And Bloody Nazi Zombie Shenanigans

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

No matter who you are, and no matter how badass you think you are, you are not going to be more effective at mass destruction than a Nazi zombie inside of a tank. There is approximately zero wiggle room there. For proof, just check out the above trailer for Tommy Wirkola’s over-the-top comedy/horror Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead, which will soon be tearing limbs from torsos on a VOD service (and perhaps in a theater) near you.

This sequel begins not long after the clusterfuck climax of Wirkola’s original Dead Snow, with Martin (Vegar Hoel) in the hospital. He might think the zombie outbreak has been taken care of, but he’s in for some truly terrible news. The infected arm that he took pains to get rid of has been surgically reattached, and now it’s got a mind of its own. (I need to watch Idle Hands again one day.) The doctor pays for his good intentions with his life.

Seems like the perfect time to call the Zombie Squad, an American trio who have been waiting for their time to shine in the zombie apocalypse. It’s made up of Martin Starr, Jocelyn DeBoer, and Ingrid Haas, and even though they sound incredibly hardcore over the phone, they’ve never actually fought any zombies before making the trek out to meet Martin in Norway. And they’re pretty terrible at it, at least at first.

The trailer gives us a lot of footage that we’ve seen already — plus a nice little vomit gag — but it’s a pounding presentation regardless. Wirkola has raised the bar on ludicrousness, and I can’t tell if that’s better exemplified by the girls changing “USA!” while on the battlefield or by the fucking spectacular tagline “The Sequel You Did Nazi Coming.”

dead snow 2
“Tank you very much.”

This time around, instead of Herzog leading his Nazi zombies in a fight against a few human survivors, Martin uses his zombo-arm to call up a whole army of non-Nazi zombies. Then it becomes an undead Royal Rumble up in that bitch. This could easily be a downloadable mobile game, I’m thinking.

Having taken the festival circuit through most of the year, Dead Snow 2 has rounded up some pretty incredible reviews, many of which are blurbed in the trailer. I’m not expecting the Citizen Kane of zombie movies, but this is the perfect wild and crazy counter-programming to all things superheroes and young adult novels.

Find out just how explosive things get when Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead hits VOD and limited theaters on October 10, just in time for Columbus Day weekend. Why hasn’t that guy been turned into a zombie yet?