Kirk And The Enterprise Crew Visit The Past Via Fan-Created Daguerreotypes

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

There’s a long-standing tradition in time-travel movies and shows of using old photographs to reveal the footprints of the time travelers in other eras. Sometimes it’s used as a key story point, and sometimes it’s just easy shorthand to sell an idea visually that might otherwise require unnecessary exposition. Doctor Who has done it. Back to the Future has done it. And now Star Trek has done it; not officially, mind you, but courtesy of some very well-done photo manipulations by artist Rabittooth (his spelling, not ours). You can check out his full gallery at his site, including all manner of famous non-Trek celebrities gussied up in Starfleet uniforms. The ones that most impress, however, are Rabittooth’s collection of faux-vintage Star Trek daguerreotypes that hint at a “lost episode” where the Enterprise crew took some shore leave in Earth’s Victorian era.

I love not only how well done these are, but also Rabittooth’s selection of original daguerreotypes as source material. In each case, he’s matched the individual Enterprise crew member with some bit of background or decoration that is thematically appropriate, so you’ve got McCoy with an antique medical bag, Spock with some sort of elaborate mechanical contraption, and Kirk rocking an outlandish getup like only he can. Okay, so Chekov and Sulu get stuck with big-wheeled bicycles, but who’s to say they don’t enjoy a nice bike ride every now and then? You can check out the “big three” here in the post, and the rest in the gallery below.

Images courtesy of Rabittooth, via io9.