Katie Cassidy Is Balls-Out Insane In Moody And Odd First Trailer For The Scribbler

By Nick Venable | 6 years ago


Above is the first trailer for John Suits’ sci-fi actioner The Scribbler, which looks completely bonkers and has a disparately solid cast of actresses feeding the frenzy. If I was to try and tell you what this movie was about simply based on the preview, my jaw would just wobble up and down. The preview ends with Arrow‘s Katie Cassidy saying that the best way to tell a story doesn’t always involve starting at the beginning. But there should be some guidance here.

Thankfully, The Scribbler isn’t so incoherent a complete story, as it comes from the Image Comics graphic novel of the same name by Daniel Schaffer, who also wrote the screenplay. At its center is Suki (Cassidy), a troubled young woman who suffers from a handful of vicious multiple personalities. As this is the future, there exists an experimental procedure called the “Siamese Burn” that is supposed to eradicate the mind of all the unwanted personalities. But what if the last unwanted personality is actually her own personality? Questions like that make padded walls a necessity.

Apparently the machine used in the Siamese Burning begins to change, and Billy Campbell (Helix) can then say future-therapist things like, “You’re still on the machine, aren’t you?” And then Suki’s standing on the side of a building, like she was on the poster, and then there’s some screaming and fighting. It’s all quite exciting and dark and moody and rainy. The energy just makes one assume that everything is going to make sense at some point.

the scribbler

Other interesting visuals include veiny arm scribblings, the skeleton bodysuit, and that one guy with the milky-white eyeballs. The Scribbler also boasts a female-heavy cast, as Cassidy’s co-stars include Eliza Dushku (Dollhouse), Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Gina Gershon (How to Make it in America), and Sasha Grey (The Girlfriend Experiment and porn). Raising Hope‘s Garret Dillahunt, The Big Bang Theory‘s Kunal Nayyar, and The Sopranos‘ Michael Imperioli also star. Lot of TV folks here.

I guess this would be a good time to have already read the graphic novel, which I haven’t. I can’t tell if supernatural things are happening, or if some of it takes place inside of Suki’s mind. It’s sometimes good to go into a movie completely blind though.

Having made its world premiere at the Glasgow Fright Fest back in March, The Scribbler will add a little murderous insanity into U.S. audiences’ lives when it’s released on September 14.

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