Katee Sackhoff Channels Captain Kirk And Hugs Doctor Who Monsters In New Photoshoot

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Katee Sackhoff entered the pantheon of science fiction icons with her performance as Kara “Starbuck” Thrace in Ron Moore’s 2004 Battlestar Galactica reboot series. She joined the sci-pantheon alongside unforgettable characters like Star Trek’s James T. Kirk, Babylon 5’s G’Kar, and Doctor Who’s Doctor (take your pick which one). Now she’s embracing that science fiction heritage in a very geeky photoshoot for, well, Geek Magazine. Check it out above to see Sackhoff channeling Kirk and Tom Baker’s Doctor, not to mention cozying up to a surprisingly cuddly Dalek.


I think her adventures aboard the Galactica have surely earned her a promotion, but I gotta say the Starfleet uniform is not her best look. She looks great herself, but that uniform top looks like she needs a tailor. I mean, William Shatner’s Kirk was occasionally rough on his wardrobe, but it always at least fit properly. Where is the crewman responsible for her outfit? He’s about to take a long walk out a short airlock. Thankfully she makes up for the rumbled uniform by next painting herself green like Trek’s infamous Orion slave girls. Kudos to Geek for making the bikini shots only one small part of the shoot, as opposed to the centerpiece. Keepin’ it classy.


Sackhoff’s next wardrobe change is one of my favorites, even though it isn’t really in our wheelhouse. She pulls off a surprisingly convincing Tyler Durden, donning the leather jacket and shades of Brad Pitt’s character from David Fincher’s Fight Club. If you ask her to hit you as hard as she can, I think she just might do it.

Finally, she takes a dive into Who mythology, hugging a Dalek and a Zygon before getting kitted up like Tom Baker’s Doctor — complete with semi-terrifying wig — and posing in front of a replica of the TARDIS console used in the 1996 Fox TV movie starring Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor. It looks like it was a fun shoot, and she undoubtedly gains even more geek cred for an afternoon of fun-loving coplay.


Sackhoff has popped up in several science fiction projects since BSG wrapped. She can currently be seen bringing a dose of female badassery to the boy’s club of Riddick, and she voiced the character of Bo-Katan in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. On a non-sci-fi note, she is also a regular on A&E’s underrated crime drama Longmire, the first season of which is currently available for streaming on Netflix Instant.


Finally, if you enjoyed this photoshoot, you might want to check out the sultry — and slightly NSFW — charity calendar Sackhoff put together with fellow BSG alum Tricia Helfer. The pair collaborate extensively on charity projects together as the “Acting Outlaws,” and the calendar benefits Amfar, a foundation dedicated to AIDS research. The calendar is both beautiful and for a good cause!


Pictured: the warm glow of doing the right thing.