Karen Gillan Says She Wants Amy Pond To Be Killed On Doctor Who

By Steve West | 9 years ago

Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan said recently that she wants her character, Amy Pond, to die on the show. This would mark the first death of a companion on screen, and would put finality on her character in a way others never get. Even Rose still lives on and could feasibly return to the Doctor’s life, except she belongs forever to the 10th Doctor; just as Amy belongs to the 11th Doctor.

I can understand Gillan’s desire to differentiate her character from the slew of companions. She’s made a huge impact on the show, and has been a major reason that we accepted Matt Smith so quickly. Amelia Pond is by far my favorite of the main companions, but I’ll admit that the Rose/Tennant relationship is far sweeter. On her own though, Amy can’t be beat. Lately I’ve come to think of Rory, Amy’s husband, as the Doctor’s new companion. I wonder if Rory would stick with the Doctor if Amy died, especially as it would somehow have to be the Doctor’s fault.

Karen’s comments on her wanting Amy Pond to die are very brief. All signs point to Amy’s run ending on the show, and I’d be happy to see Rory or someone new take up the task. I’m not opposed to such a momentous event as Amy’s death happening, and I think it could lead to a fantastic self-examination by the Doctor. Perhaps something like this could lead the 11th Doctor to finally confront the “Who?” question.

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