Kanye West Trying To Make The Jetsons Movie, No Really

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Hollywood has toyed with the idea of making a Jetsons movie since the live-action Flintstones film was kind of a hit in the 90s. Most recently auteur Robert Rodriguez was supposed to be doing it, but like most of the projects he promises, it never actually happened. Now it seems the job has fallen to, of all people, Kanye West.

Yes I’m talking about the prolific, award-winning rapper for who ten minutes or so made everyone in the world feel really sorry for Taylor Swift. Kanye tweeted the news of his involvement in making a feature out of The Jetsons himself saying, “I was just discussing becoming the creative director for the Jetson movie.”

Lest you think this was just some late night, alcohol fueled Twitter fantasy spewed up by Kanye, the whole thing has actually been confirmed. Jetsons producer Denise Di Novi tells MTV that, yes indeed, she’s been talking to Kanye. Di Novi explains, “Kanye’s always been a Jetsons fan, I think because he’s so into design and he loves the design aspects.”

It sounds like Kanye is serious about this, but what she doesn’t say is whether they might actually give him the job. She describes their conversation as “preliminary” and a “brainstorming” session but doesn’t go much further than that.

What would a Kanye West version of The Jetsons look like? It’s probably a safe bet that his George Jetson would be black. I’m not sure if that really matters as long as the whole thing doesn’t end up like that not very good African American retelling of The Honeymooners from awhile back. I love the idea that Kanye’s so into the design of the Jetsons. The show has a completely unique futuristic look, and if he’s really into it, could turn it into something pretty cool on camera.

Kanye’s Jetsons movie might be interesting but, we’d probably all be better off with Robert Rodriguez.