Jurassic World Offers Up Live Park Footage With A Twist

By Brent McKnight | 6 years ago

Jurassic WorldFor big movie studios, the Super Bowl has become a launching point for the marketing for upcoming potential summer blockbusters, and this year was no exception. The Jurassic World TV spot that premiered yesterday is totally awesome and the more we see, the more it just looks like the entire movie is basically Star-Lord fighting a huge, evil, genetically enhanced dinosaur while commanding a herd of trained Velociraptors. That’s is so much more than okay with us, but it’s not all the Jurassic World marketing we’ve received recently, as they’ve now introduced a live “park cam.”

Directed by Colin Trevorrow, Jurassic World finds the much-troubled park now open to the public. Now, if you go to their website, there are a selection of camera feeds from various places in the park that give you a feel for daily life in the world.

You get a glimpse of damn near everything, from the Gyrosphere line…

Jurassic World…to the ferry that visitors ride to Isla Nublar, the island location off the coast of Costa Rica…

Jurassic World…all the way down to the employee break room if you’re feeling particularly voyeuristic and nosy and like to watch people you don’t know eat lunch.

Jurassic WorldThere are way more places, but you get the idea.

The park has become the number one tourist destination in the world, but that’s never enough for the money people, is it? Nope, and this time they play god by having the scientists cook up a brand spanking new dinosaur, the so-called Indominus rex, from a mixture of T-rex, Velociraptor, snake, and cuttlefish DNA. What can possibly go wrong, except everything, as it escapes and goes on a kill crazy rampage, which his something we’re dying to see. This is where Chris Pratt’s Owen character comes in, no one but Star-Lord himself can save the day in a situation like this.

Jurassic WorldHere’s where this new park cam gets fun. You poke around for a while, watch some sunburned tourists wait in line, check out the lobby at the Hilton Hotel, and similar pursuits. While it gives you a feel for life in the park, it’s not particularly interesting, and you don’t see much. But then, after you’ve explored a little while, the cameras go out. All of them. Your eyes go black, and you’re left to wonder what went wrong and what’s happening. It’s a sneaky, ominous little move, but one that’s admittedly pretty damn clever as the obvious implication is that something has gone horribly wrong, like a bloodthirsty beast is on the loose, chowing down on visitors.

Jurassic World also stars Bryce Dallas Howard, Irrfan Khan, Omar Sy, Vincent D’Onofrio, Nick Robinson, Ty Simpkins, Jake Johnson, BD Wong, Judy Greer, and many more, and opens everywhere June 12.